Our programs incorporate developmental learning opportunities through play, such as dramatic, co-operative, constructive and social.

Learning process

We believe that learning is a two-way process, in valuing and respecting a child’s needs. Ongoing records are maintained through observations using our focus child format, planning for each child on a regular basis.

This learning environment will be based on structured and flexible activities allowing children to play while exploring their indoor and outdoor areas. This enables children to experience and enhance all areas of development by having fun, forming trusting and secure relationships and by promoting positive encouragement for their work.

Children are encouraged to be active learners in the education process, thus achieving goals of learning and discovery.

Language development

We strongly support the development of language through shared literature experiences.

Additionally, emphasising on providing opportunities to develop self-esteem and expression of feelings, gained through personal development and group interaction.

Children are also encouraged to participate in role-playing, problem-solving, taking initiative and interact with their peers, staff and their environment.

(ELLA) program

The children in our preschool room are learning about French. The French language, a revived language, offers the children each day, the words and sounds of the language, unique characteristics, and the culture of the French People.

Start Strong provides enthusiastic staff that structure an environment which aims to promote play and learning activities, enriched by a variety of resources, settings and interesting experiences.

Parents are an integral part of a child’s life and are encouraged to play an active role in the planning process of their child’s education. We are of the strong belief that open communication between a child’s home and the Centre is of paramount importance for their ongoing development. The staff will provide you with information about their development, individual needs, and progress upon request.

At Start Strong, we encourage behaviour that is acceptable, displays care, respect and understanding of others needs and feelings, particularly in challenging situations.


Appropriate and respectful behaviour is modelled and encouraged at Start Strong Kindergarten.

Children are encouraged to be independent, yet respectful of others and their environment. At times, children need guidance with their behaviour.

When a child displays unacceptable behaviour, the staff will explain to the child about suitable behaviours towards other children and staff, through positive reinforcement.

Staff will guide them to explore other options that result in positive outcomes of self-esteem and relationships with others.

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