• baby reaching

How to encourage very young babies to reach and learn

The day your baby first deliberately reaches for something is an exciting one, because it shows that your tiny tot is gaining control of their body, starting to develop hand-eye coordination, and realising that they [...]

  • happy child

Helping your child adjust to childcare 

You've just started your child in care. It's the first day however things go wrong and your child protests loudly when it's time for you to say good bye. Many children experience anxiety when starting [...]

  • doctor and child

Childcare and vaccination 

Health, Wellbeing & Nutrition  The single Child Care Subsidy may have replaced the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate, but something that hasn’t changed under the New Child Care Package is the ‘no jab, [...]

  • sick toddler

Keeping your child healthy in child care

It is a fact of life that children in group care get sick. They have increased exposure to other children, and play closely with shared toys, in addition, children have lower resistance to germs [...]

  • curiosity

What is the Curiosity Approach to Learning? 

General Information on Childcare Approaches to Early Childhood Education  ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ is a phrase that evokes the magic of Alice in Wonderland, and in the real world, The Curiosity Approach is transforming early childhood [...]