Philosophy & Goals of our Centres

Our core principle is to provide a safe and trusting environment full of various structured, unstructured age appropriate activities that ignite and inspire a curiosity to learn.

Activities encompass social, emotional, cultural, physical and intellectual areas to ensure a child’s holistic development. We empower children with the knowledge and confidence to assist their transition into school and the community.


We aim to provide safe and nurturing environment.

Our Service will cater for different capacities and learning styles and invite children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions (EYLF).

We believe families are also encouraged to be involved in their child’s learning, and have their input into centre policies and procedures.

We value and respect many cultures, religions from around the world. We respect and believe that all children should be treated equal.

To strive to include the community involvement in the centre, Community Resources are sought after and included in the centre as often as possible. We strive to be seen as a centre of excellence within our community, a centre which values community involvement in aspects of our program.

Our staff ensure their practices are in accordance to the Education and Care Services National Regulations, National Quality Standards, Code of Ethics, Early Childhood Code of Conduct and the centre’s policies and procedures.

Our childcare service provides an educational program to help each child achieve a strong sense of identity, be connected with and contribute to their world, develop a strong sense of wellbeing, become a confident and involved learner and be an effective communicator.

We work with your child and to provide them the opportunity to participate in an environment where their individual needs, interests and abilities are being met, whilst being stimulating and challenging according to their developmental stages, using the Early Years Learning Framework.


The broad goal of the centre is to provide children with high quality care and educational program within a warm, secure and happy environment for children and their families.

To provide a service to the parents and the community, which reflects their needs and wants (including: an anti-bias curriculum, multicultural program and the integration of special needs children).

To provide staff, who are highly motivated, loving, caring and qualified to care for the children. The staff of the service are involved, participating with the children as players, role models and mentors.

Staff of our service aims to ensure all parents are welcome to participate in daily activities and social events, and also encourage them to be proactive within the centre.

To provide an educational program using the Early Years Learning Framework, which encourages each child to develop a strong sense of identity; to encourage each child to be connected with and contribute to his/her world; to encourage each child to have a strong sense of well-being; to become a confident and involved learner; to become effective communicators.

We aim to provide an educational program which maximises each child’s abilities, interests and potential and to develop their own pace as individuals.

We aim to ensure children feel they are an important part of the centre and the community.